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A mother is for life, not just for Mother’s Day.

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Mothering Sunday is a day for gifts, flowers, and a celebration of all mothers. This celebration goes back to the 16th century and has developed over the years into the celebration it is today.

Becoming a mother begins the moment your child is born, and from then on, your life changes completely and forever. As a mother you devote yourself to your child, to ensure they are cared for and loved. Being a mother is a job like no other, 24-7, 365 days a year, there is no break, no off switch, and to begin with it is all consuming.

This initial intensity does calm down but never to life before it, you are now completely depended on, and whilst being a mother is the most rewarding and fulfilling job you will ever do, it's also extreme in its exhaustion, and with this comes the sleepless nights, nappy explosions, sickness, injections, reflux, colic, and a constant requirement to put another's needs before your own.

So, it's only right that one day a year, on mothering Sunday, mothers are celebrated, pampered, and thanks are given in the form of gifts for everything they do throughout the year.

However, most of the gifts traditionally given on Mother's Day being flowers or chocolates, are gifts that have a quick expiry date, and only last a few days at best and are then gone, and it's this expiry date on our gifts to our mothers that needs to be reassessed.

Gifts on Mother's Day should be long term, they should be something mum can cherish, something that on the good days and the bad days mum's can look at and be reminded of how much they are valued.

It should be something that brings joy, and can be used throughout the year, because on the days when despite our best efforts nothing's gone right, those are the days that mum can look at their gift and know she is loved and appreciated all year round.

We have below of some of our top Faux La Fleur artificial flower arrangements to ensure you can give your mum a gift this year that will last her the whole year, because let's face it being a mother is for life, not just for Mother’s Day.


Faux La Fleur is an independent, UK-based, family-run company. We are dedicated to providing luxury artificial flowers and floral arrangements for pollen allergy sufferers be it for Christmas, Home Décor, Gardens, Weddings, Funerals, or any number of Special Occasions.

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